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SpringUp Angels has been established to connect Angel investors globally with entrepreneurs needing equity capital to  commercialize their innovations. Our role is to serve as a catalyst for economic development, facilitating deal flow between accredited investors and high-quality investee opportunities as well as providing investor and investee education services

SpringUp Capital seeks to be a major catalyst and driver in creating a robust and vibrant early stage entrepreneurial Eco system globally. It aspires to be the largest player in this ecosystem and the preferred choice and first port of call for any serious entrepreneur with an innovative idea, IP, business plan, a start-up venture or one needing the first round of institutional investment.

Excellent network & partnership opportunities for startups and investors.


Team has deep experience of Successful Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, Strategy, Domain Experience, Technology, Marketing & Finance levels.


Provides much needed growth for the startups.


Team that adds value.

Spring UP Angels Program

Membership by Invitation

SpringUp Angels are generally successful high
technology founders or CXO executives, are
accredited investors, and have an interest in
mentoring and investing in high-risk start-ups.
The key advantages to the Angels are
improving your deal flow, having colleagues to
share diligence and opinions, and distributing
risk across several deals.


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