Benefits of Networking in Startup

Benefits of Networking in Startup

Business networking is something that can help you reach more clients, knowledge, and eventually attain business growth and increase the profits. It is normal and even an important part for business scaleup where people share their success and mistakes with other businessmen.

And for getting new clients, growing your business and even understanding where not to go wrong or what to do to grow your business faster, you would need to start networking before you initiate your business plan. With this, you would be able to build a sustainable business.

While startup entrepreneur works hard towards building a scalable business, from an idea stage; the journey is sometimes hard and bound to expect some failures on the path of the success. We will look at the different aspects mentioned above and see the larger impact of networking.

Generation of Referrals

This is an undeniable benefit that many business owners usually join networking groups and participate in networking activities. The best thing about networking to get referrals is that the referrals you get are mostly pre-qualified for you.

With the help of these referrals, you can give them the best to turn them into a permanent client. So, in short, you get much higher quality leads with the help of networking as compared to the leads you get from marketing. And with this, your business would also increase.


A group of business owners who are highly motivated and confident also gets them enough of open opportunities. By networking with different people, you would always come across new opportunities. And aren’t the opportunities why you decided to network with people?

Opportunities here means an asset or business sale, writing and speaking opportunities, partnership, client leads, joint ventures and many more. All you need to take care of is choosing the right opportunity and ignoring those that would be harmful to you or your business.

Also, the opportunities that you take up should strengthen your business goals, otherwise you would see yourself moving from place to place and opportunity to opportunity and getting nowhere.


The new and upcoming technology is known to select people and it may not always be possible to hire them. A strong network helps access these resources and leverage their capabilities without burning a hole in the pocket.


Scale up can happen only when processes, applications and delivery systems are streamlined. Leakages are discovered early and plugged. Having a large network allows the organization to ‘test’ the solutions in various settings without having the risk of bad mouthing.


Networking makes you meet those people who are like-minded. And these people can give you advice on various matters that would help in improving your business.

In short, networking is the best way to get advice and expertise on things that you cannot easily catch hold of. You just need to be sure that the person advising you is the right person

Unchartered Territory

As a startup, you are creating something for a segment that is less explored. You do not have reliable historic data. How do you counter this without shooting yourself in the foot. This is where you rely on your network that will support you with inputs from adjacent industries, other geographies, intelligence form grandma’s stories etc.. With all the points mentioned above, you now will appreciate how much networking can do and how important it is for you and your business, especially in the initial phase. Networking needs sustained effort and working towards building that ecosystem.

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