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Managing Partners

Santosh Kotnis

CEO & Managing Partner

Two decades of global business growth & scale-up experience. Successfully grown large businesses and have co-founded multiple technology startups, raised funding & scaled-up.

Manoj Karde

Managing Partner

Technical entrepreneur; with two decades of program management and customer management experience. Have successfully built the businesses and scaled customer accounts.

Sandeep Rout

Managing Partner

US based B2B, SaaS entrepreneur, who has successfully built the enterprise product and currently spearheading for global expansion

Tushar Shetty

Managing Partner

CEO of Ideas to Impact accelerator from India. Part of ecosystem of Indian start-ups, investment funds and mentors.

Toni Franco

Managing Partner

Veteran in PE ecosystem and involved in multiple M&A and Business Transformation programs. Have successfully raised capital for start-ups and industrial businesses.

Nand K

Global business executive in to software services and B2B SaaS. Comes with ISV background and have executed mandates to scale the business)

Anand Kadakol(Partner)


India based business management and payment industry veteran; with experience in APAC and Middle East. Loves to drive strategy and innovation for the startups through calibrated set of processes.

Avi Sakhalkar (Partner)


Singapore/North America based professional focusing towards identifying and growing routes to market, by analysis and innovation. Passionate to add value through Channel, Cybersecurity, and Strategic vision.

Robert Laguna: (Partner)


US based passionate entrepreneur skilled in both large corporations and start-ups. Expert in to Fintech, Emerging Technology Products, Digital Assets and A.I. Have familiar client relations within the Legal, Marketing, Healthcare, and Automotive Industries.

Start-Up Advisor and Mentors:

Tom Inge Aas

Advisor & Start-up Mentor

Founder & CEO of LeadX. Expertise: Strategy, Sales, Management (Deloitte, SAP, CSC)

Soroosh Maghsoudi

Advisor & Start-up Mentor

Norway based, Change Management professional with experience from various European markets. Empower board and C-level executives for growth and scale

Prof Prashant Goyal

Start-Up Advisor and Mentors

Investment and Venture Capital professional and professor at IFIM Business School, India

Dag Flachet

Start-up Mentor

Hands on entrepreneur, innovator, As managing director of Flachet Holdings works to provide financing and managerial solutions. And teaches entrepreneurship and leadership at Geneva Business School.

Jhonny Sharma

StartUp Advisor

More than two decades of business management, consulting and strategy implantation experience; have large business and VC network in the Nordics area. Have used this network and experiences to scale up European companies to global map.

Salvador Baille


Norwegian Start-up ecosystem veteran; part of Aggrator AS Incubator. Have worked with Norwegian start-ups; Angel Investor and growth hacker.

Sergej Stein

Start-up Mentor

Co-founder of DLT Capital and Germany based tech entrepreneur with focus on Blockchain as technology

Chirag Pugalia

Start-up Mentor

Experienced Entrepreneur and family office with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry

Rima Venturin

Start-up Mentor

Norway based experienced Manager and startup mentor with Passion for Innovation, Business Improvements, Cash Flow Optimization, Collaboration

Vadiraj A

Start-up Mentor

Entrepreneurial product /business /ecosystem leader with a track record of over 2 decades of experience in different leadership roles in conceptualizing new initiatives and creation of innovation practices

Mohan Sahota

Start-up Mentor

UK Based experienced business executive with keen interest in business relationship development around IT in general, SaaS Solutions and other Software Solution sales.

Srinath Birur

Start-up Mentor

International Business executive with focus on Education Marketing, Entrepreneurship program development and advising startups towards global scale.

Investment Advisors

Ganesh Shanbhag


   Advisor. Comes with strong investment banking and startup background

Sunil Junnarkar

Investment Advisor

Investment Advisor. Comes with strong business process reengineering, process calibration and fund raising experience.

Arijit Datta

Investment Advisor

Principal / Finance Director at the CFO Centre Group, India | Corporate Finance & Risk Management Solutions

Global Ecosystem

Access to global scale up and growth hackers

Access to global incubators and accelerators

Access to global technology entrepreneurs

Startup funding

Access to global Angels, VCs and PEs

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